Ali Herrmann – Fauvist

Encaustic painting is a technique, most notably used by the ancient Egyptians, in which pigments are added to hot beeswax and then formed into the artist’s vision upon whichever medium he or she favors. It is also a technique which frequents the whimsical nature-inspired art of Ali Herrmann, mixed into the fragile textures of seed pods and mica.  Each piece presents us with a tangible quality unlike many modern Fauvists.

Living in upstate NY (USA) for nearly five years now, Ali observes a group of crows/ravens that gather out front, make noise, scour the lawn, and then suddenly drift off.  She says.”They seem to have a circuit that they travel around town, because I notice them on my walks too, traveling in their pack.”

“I used to feel that passing crows and ravens, while driving, was some sort of ominous sign of something about to happen in the near future. A little internet research into the symbolism of these birds guided me to believe that they represented/symbolized past spirits, souls of people that inhabited certain areas….so after watching them, since these birds seem to have such a local, tight traveling group and seem to ‘keep a schedule’, I have come to believe that perhaps these are ‘souls’ in another form of the people that lived here, some family members of generations past, and some friends.  The way they ended up in my artwork was simply a natural extension of how I create work…I talk walks, observe and gather seeds/pods/elements from nature, paint studies and larger works of what I see.  The fact that I see these birds everyday also, seemed like a natural metamorphosis of merging them into my work.”

Ali currently offers only her original pieces for sale, and what precious things they are!  To view her shop, click here

You can also catch” The Messengers of Fortune II” on display as part of The Black and White Show at the Columbia County Arts Council Gallery. The show features a variety of the NY region’s most talented emerging artists. For more information, visit