AvesNoir Reader Survey

Since our launch earlier this year, we have been truly impressed with the number of corvid lovers all over the world who visit us, and flattered by the kind words and praise you send us.  As a result, we are inspired to make Aves Noir even better.

Have you got a few minutes to spare?  To make Aves Noir the best it can be, we would like to ask you a few questions about you and your interests in a 20 question survey. Our survey is secure and anonymous, and the only information collected about you is your IP address (used to identify unique individuals to the survey) and what you provide us in the survey itself. We  do hope you’ll help us, as well as the many photographers, artists, and rehabilitators that support us, by answering the survey as truthfully and completely as you can.

What is in the survey?

We ask you some general questions like your age range and sex, and some more specific questions like what your professional and spiritual viewpoint is. This allows us to create content that suits you better, and stay away from content that might bore or offend you.

Your opinion also matters to us. We ask you how we can improve both our content and our design, and also about other sites you visit so we can refine usability.

The ‘Rules’

Any feedback, suggestions, dreams or ideas that you have are welcome. While we can’t promise to act on every suggestion or respond to every comment, we make a frequent effort to keep up with what our readers say.