Beth Surdut Fine Feathered Art

Santa Fe artist and writer Beth Surdut has always lived by water — Hawaii, New England and Florida — and at first, Santa Fe didn’t seem appealing.

“It doesn’t have an ocean,” Surdut explained. But then she visited and “was completely interested and enchanted.”

The landscape and the ever-present ravens fascinated her the most, leading to her move here and the creation of a visual storytelling project called Listening to Ravens, which includes drawings, each of which is accompanied by a myth or story.Surdut is looking for Santa Feans who have raven stories to share with her that will be included in her new project.

“I call it story-catching,” Surdut said about giving people an opportunity to tell their stories.

If you want one of these one of a kind gems for your own, check out Beth’s Esty shop here.  All of Beth’s drawings, along with their corresponding stories, can be found on her blog.  Have a Raven story to share with her? Leave a comment below or contact her through her blog.