Raven Art of Brian Commerford

Midnight Magic

Brian Commerford’s command of color and texture is unmatched when it comes to depicting the Ravens of his New Mexico home.  Such a common icon of death, darkness, gothic culture, and bleakness, the Raven rarely gets such bold and revered treatment.

Inner Knowing

“I try to express the spiritual qualities of animals and birds through composition, color, and brushwork.  I try to create a vibrational stamp that reflects whatever spiritual quality or qualities that I’m trying to express in that particular piece.  I use alot of close-ups because I want a fairly intense experience, such as gentleness, joy, love, to be felt by the onlooker.”

The Raven's Prayer

More than just a Raven lover, Brian’s art and photography offer an intimate view into his tranquil sensibilities, covering cats to desert sunsets, elephants to buddhas.

“I follow the teachings of Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda, and share an interest in the Native American medicine of the animals. I am an avid motorcyclist, and when not painting, may be seen flying down the roads of New Mexico. My motorcycle paintings express the magical world of speed and torque! Riding high powered motorcycles is a transcendental experience. I try to convey the beauty of moving through different lines in space. “

You can view these selections and many more, as well as purchase prints and cards, by visiting the Brian Commerford gallery here.

Raven & Crow Tattoos

For many ancient peoples, the raven is a powerful animal totem, a protector,spirit guide, or god.  He’s a shape-shifting messenger and a symbol of transformation.  Black plumage invokes an air of mistique, secrecy, and elegance. The Raven is also a powerful sun symbol. From the earliest times, raven myths tell of its intelligence and concern for humans.  As we wrote about in Mythological Ravens, and Crows in Celtic Mythology, there are plenty of reasons other than sheer love to get a Crow or Raven tattoo.

The most important thing to consider prior to running down to the tattoo shop is what the bird will look like, and who the best artist is for your budget and ability to travel. Tattoos are absolutely forever, so you want to be sure yours is amazing!  Below are a few pointers:


  • Research your bird choice thoroughly. There is nothing worse than seeing Ravens that are really Choughs (Choughs have orange feet, Ravens don’t)
  • If using a photograph as reference for your artist, it is best to email the photographer for their blessing.
  • If using artwork as reference, you absolutely must get permission from the original artist. This goes double if your tattooer is going to change it at all.
  • Strive for originality. While wonderful galleries exist online such as this one, it is better to think up your own design than get one ‘out of the book’.
  • Decide on a location that will allow your Crow or Raven to breathe. The back, sides, chest, and shoulder are the best.


To help further inspire you, we have put together a huge Crow and Raven Tattoo Gallery here. (I’ve even snuck a shot of Clara’s raven in there on page 4!)

Crow Tattoo on our reader Christina

Do you have a tattoo you would like to share with our readers? Send it to our wonderful mailbird cawcaw at avesnoir.com!

Here are our ten favorites from the gallery. Choosing was tough!


Raven Pop Art of Eelus

Possessing a sort of maniac calm, Eelus is a self-proscribed street artist.

“My career as a graphic artist began when I was 10 years old in the ruthless, Thunderdome like playground of a Wigan primary school. Being quite handy with the old pencil, I decided to tool myself up and began knocking out hand drawn posters of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to either A: sell for tuck shop money or B: give away to escape a good kicking due to the shortness of my trousers.

In October 2006 I quit my day job and became a graphic artist full time, putting myself on a long road of experimentation, progression, hangovers and worrying about the rent. My goal is to push my limits, learn the skills of my trade and to hopefully continue to make a living from my art. This site is here to document that journey and give you the chance to buy any work I create on the way.”

His debut London show, The Colour Out Of Space, so named after one of the stories by his favourite author H.P. Lovecraft, features 25 new pieces. His intricate hand-cut stencils,  instantly recognisable style, and thought provoking images have taken on a new dimension with bold, bright, sharp colours, all of which are sure to become instant collectables.

View his gallery here


Cameron Kaseberg Crows

Cameron Kaseberg is becoming known as the artist who has taken the solvent transfer process of image making further than any artist working today. He has developed the once obscure process, brought to prominence in the 1950s by Robert Rauchenberg, to new levels of expressiveness. In Northwest regional exhibits and at national art fairs, Kaseberg’s works have been received with enthusiasm for their inventiveness and as expressions of human sensibilities.

The solvent transfer process involves “borrowing” subject matter from various printed media as well as his own photos and graphics, chemically dissolving them and transferring the image onto a new surface. Much as a photographer can manipulate the camera image in many ways, the solvent transfer can be changed, arranged, composed and continually altered to express the artist’s aims. Additional treatment with drawing or painting techniques may contribute to the uniqueness of each of Kaseberg’s works. Although called transfer prints, each is one-of-a-kind.

If you are really curious about the geeky bits of Cameron’s process, you can watch some insightful videos here.

To view the full gallery, click here.

Nichole Yanota’s Brilliant Natural World

Raised in the foothills of the Sonoran Desert, Nichole Yanota was greatly influenced by the brilliance of her natural world; the blossoming cactus a perfect coexistence of the fragile and the fierce. In early life, her drawings rose to the challenge of recording emotions and experiences, and became her voice for expressing ideals. She left the desert for the mountains in 2006 and now resides in the beautiful Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. She describes her work as “exploring nature’s connection to the human spirit”.

Each piece is meticulously lined, and pops with bold shape and color. We are particularily fond of the piece above, titled ‘Autumn’s Ravens’

For more, visit her website at www.njyartwork.ca or her Etsy shop



Beth Surdut Raven Art Exhibition

Beth Surdut‘s new solo exhibit Listening To Raven contains several new pieces and opens at the Randall Davey Audubon Center July 9 from 5-7 pm. She has cordially invited our readers in the New Mexico area to attend!  Beth will also be included in the Randall Davey Wildlife Invitational through June 30.
You are also invited to head over and share your  Raven stories at the Randall Davey Sanctuary for a potluck on July 22 at 5:30 pm and connect with other Corvid Connoisseurs!

Says Beth, “Prior to moving to New Mexico,  I spent the best part of three years canoeing with Florida alligators, earning the nickname “Gator Girl and creating a series of luminous paintings on silk called Enigmatic Paradise. Sojourns in the jungles and waters of Hawaii, Indonesia, and the Caribbean enhanced my experiences and design capabilities. Art and writing intertwine my love of creatures and the ironies of humans interacting with them.

More than two years ago, Raven, Bringer of Magic, called me to the high desert to create the art and story of Listening To Raven ~ Drawings, Myths & Realities, an ongoing exploration of science and spirit. These detailed story drawings, created with pen and pencil, heart and mind, are a vision quest expanded by paying attention to small moments.

My intent was to get to know the bird intimately by spending time with the nuances of color, form, stance, personality and stories that fly through time and cultures. Whether at the giant playground of Tent Rocks, the dancing sculptures of the Bisti badlands, or the pungent local dumpster, Raven showed himself to me, even watching me draw every day for three weeks in Florida as I prepared for my move to Santa Fe. The drawings stem from watching, listening, reading and dreaming. I have no pet ravens, nor do I want to domesticate a wild creature. If anything, I sometimes wish I could shape-shift and trade my human form to be able to soar and play as the ravens do. I do put out raw chicken eggs for ravens in my neighborhood and mimic their calls, which I see as akin to learning enough of a foreign language to be polite when I travel.

When I began the Listening To Raven exploration, I had no idea that people would respond by bringing their personal stories of delight and loss, or that humans who had never paid attention to birds would catch my enthusiasm and eagerly present me with Corvid tales.”

Keep up with Beth here: http://surdut.blogspot.com/
To view her new work in its entirety, click here

Artist Craww Caws About New Prints

Influenced by pretty things in dark places, nasty things masquerading in beauty, hidden stories and happy accidents, Craww is a natural born artist with roots in the graphic design world.  Self-taught and a habitual doodler, Craww draws inspiration from daydreams, music, comics, nature, gin and fine wines.  Mixing traditional paint, digital elements, pencil, paint, and ink, he aims to bring his twisted vision to life with a mix of elegance, balance and disciplined chaos.

Since the launch of his exclusive line of Blik wall graphics in March featuring crows and ravens, British artist Craww has been hard at work making 2010 his breakthrough year.  Besides being featured by AvesNoir and  Juxtapoz magazine, Craww has also built a new web site, lined up gallery shows, created a host of new pieces, and is now preparing his first print giveaway.

To celebrate his new web site, Craww is giving away a limited edition “Beekeeper” print to one lucky fan.  To enter, simply sign up for Craww’s mailing list at his new web site.  Those already signed up will be automatically entered in the contest.  The contest ends at 12:00 midnight PST on June 30, 2010 with the winner being selected and announced by Craww on July 2, 2010.  Craww will also be adding a special “something” to the print thereby rendering this a unique, one-of-a-kind collectible.

The newly revamped web site, featuring the absolutely gorgeous photographic work above, will feature Craww’s full body of work.  The site also includes free downloads, a new mailing list to stay up to date with the artist, and a fully stocked store to purchase work directly from Craww.  Check out www.craww.com

Beth Surdut Fine Feathered Art

Santa Fe artist and writer Beth Surdut has always lived by water — Hawaii, New England and Florida — and at first, Santa Fe didn’t seem appealing.

“It doesn’t have an ocean,” Surdut explained. But then she visited and “was completely interested and enchanted.”

The landscape and the ever-present ravens fascinated her the most, leading to her move here and the creation of a visual storytelling project called Listening to Ravens, which includes drawings, each of which is accompanied by a myth or story.Surdut is looking for Santa Feans who have raven stories to share with her that will be included in her new project.

“I call it story-catching,” Surdut said about giving people an opportunity to tell their stories.

If you want one of these one of a kind gems for your own, check out Beth’s Esty shop here.  All of Beth’s drawings, along with their corresponding stories, can be found on her blog.  Have a Raven story to share with her? Leave a comment below or contact her through her blog.

Aves Artist: Helen Janow Miqueo

Featuring bold, colorful, original modern & whimsical art, we bring you some giclee prints and abstract paintings by contemporary artist Helen Miqueo:
“I have an incredible experience every time I take a brush in my hand. Every painting I do is Me with somebody else’s heart and soul. I see invisible seas, I smell the fragrance of distant flowers, and hear the sounds of mysterious lands. When I open my eyes wide: I am a stranger, I am a wanderer and a child. I am an artist.”

Bird Paintings Landscape Sky Art

Giclee Art Print Tree of Life

Visit her blog or view more from the gallery

Aves Artiste: Anne-Julie Aubry

Anne Julie Aubry is a French artist and illustrator who’s work depicts dark whimsy with a humble self portraiture. Crows and blackbirds appear often in her paintings, inspired by her personal environment, childhood, and dreams.

She is a distant dreamer, a sleepwalker on the lookout, a traveller from the shadows who loves labyrinths and unanswered enigmas, fairy tales and girls with white socks. At night, her heroines are lost in a nebulous kingdom full of dragonflies and snowflakes.

Visit her Artist Gallery , Blog , and Etsy Shop