Christophe Dessaigne – Midnight Digital

Tormented dreamscapes, desert and silent plains, all invitations to remote and chimeric territories… Christophe Dessaigne’s creations are open doors on fantastic and dreamy horizons where digital photography serves the fanciful imagery of surrealist photomontages.

“The more I was learning about photography, the more I realized how frustrating it could be,” he explains, “most photographers are usually after outstanding natural landscapes and rule out, maybe out of snobbery, digital tools. I consider digital photography as an extraordinary way to alter and experiment with the image, and ultimately bring it to something fantastic, in the literal meaning of the word.”
Driven by this creative urge, now unhindered by the sacrosanct rules of photography, Christophe threw himself into editing. “The possibilities offered by Lightroom and Photoshop combined are unlimited. My work mainly revolves around two axes and depends on my mood. I can take “simple pictures” with few editing or get lost in sophisticated photomontages.”

Even if he readily admits enjoying photomontage, photography still takes up half of his creation work: “I think that the success of a complex photomontage resides in the story it has to tell. Technique is secondary though still necessary. To evoke a feeling, an image has to tell something, it has to carry the viewer in a different world, besides having a solid composition. Most of the time I know exactly what I want in the end. I visualize the final image before I start editing it. I even often sketch it.”

Christophe was the very first featured artist here on Aves Noir, and we felt he deserved a repost to show off some of his recent work.  If you love what he does, you can visit his shop here.