Damien Hirst – Crows on Exhibition

Damien Hirst is known for his macabre twist on modern art and taxidermy who rose to fame very quickly in the last decade. His cross-sected horse was featured in the film ‘The Cell’ and  he had a medicinal pink canvas covered in (probably rare) butterflies sell for over 2 million dollars at a New York auction, drawing criticism about his actual artistic merit.   In spite of his celebrity status and shock value, his recent exhibition in London ‘Nothing Matters’ is a return to his roots – classical painting with a corvid twist.

The themes of insomnia, anxiety, and Francis Bacon are strong throughout this series. “I feel like I’ve arrived somewhere … In a completely different way, I feel I’ve got the tools to navigate somewhere. All that expression – doubts, fears, everything – can come out in this arena,'”Hirst told the late Gordon Burn in an interview published to accompany the exhibition.