Kate McGwire

I gather, collate, re-use, layer, peel, burn, reveal, locate,question, duplicate, play and photograph

In an attempt to avoid the puerility of the present, some artists such as Kate McGwire have turned to myth and ritual to find meaning in the now via a gothic surrealism.

Much of Kate’s work references Freud’s ‘Unheimliche’ (the uncanny, or, literally, the ‘unhomely’); the idea, to quote Freud, of ‘a place where the familiar can somehow excite fear’. It also embraces artistic notions of the Abject.

She will take an everyday thing or idea that is intrinsically discomfiting and, by re-framing it, entice the viewer into re-examining   their preconceptions and prejudices – cultural, historical, personal – about the everyday. The viewer’s response is visceral, the impact immediate, the ideas triggered resonating in their mind somewhere beyond rational interpretation.

In her latest installation “Strangeness & Charm”, the use of feathers creates a visual experience of fleeting thought, turmoil, and anything else that might twist through your psyche. Truly breathtaking work!

Link: http://www.katemccgwire.com/

Thank you to Meighan.