Lazy Sunday Video – Arthur & Martha

Arthur and Martha, so named by Scottish vlogger Grandma Dorrie, are a very special couple indeed.  A carrion crow and a hooded crow are a very rare breeding pair, typically only found in situations where the male cannot find a suitable mate within its own group.  Hooded crows (or corbies/hoodies as they are affectionately called in Scotland and Ireland) are also very uncommon in this area, making it that much more extraordinary. That is not all, however! Typically crows will nest in the highest tree possible, with as much visibility as possible, to keep an eye out for owls and hawks. In Arthur and Martha’s case, the tallest tree around was a seven foot pine sapling.

Arthur & Martha’s tale is an overall heartwarming and calming one – but it does have its dramatic moments of prowling chickens, curious cats, death defying stunts, steamy sex and eerie knocks on the window. Enjoy the initial few chapters to see how these two get on and raise their young. Each one is only a couple minutes long, so sit back and enjoy a cup of tea!


Ninja Chickens, Drive Bys, and Near Death Experiences

Steamy Sex Scene

A Windy Day

Arthur Brings Home the Bacon

The Calm After the Storm

New Arrivals

2 Weeks Old

More About Hooded Crows

Leaving the Nest

While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,
As of some one gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door.