Raven the Egg Thief

Beth Surdut

This month’s Zenchilada expands beyond yummy mexican fusion gastronomy and heads into the mystical mind of Beth Surdut. The Santa Fe Raven Artista and Storyteller Extraordinaire, is featured on page 58.

She tells an engaging story of friendship and observation, a whimsical study of Raven behavior in her desert home.

“The Egg Thief swoops in at least once a day to check on the chicken egg situation. Today, even in the winds so brisk the house was howling, he took one egg of the two I placed on the rock fountain and brought it over to his mate, who was hopping impatiently in the budding desert. These birds have yet to connect me with the eggs, but have figured out where I place the treats and that sometimes I do it more than once a day. Patience.”

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You can keep up with Beth and her egg experiments on her blog.