Site Problems Fixed (we hope)

Dear Readers,

We are very sorry for any scare caused by the Google Blocker some of you may be seeing. Google does this as a precaution when vulnerabilities are found in a website. In our case, we believe the new update of WordPress from our host was compromised, and so when it installed to our site it allowed some javascript to be injected in our index that would have tried to redirect those of you trying to view some posts to the hacker’s webpage (nothing too malicious, just annoying). This would not have affected any of you using our RSS feed.  We have since fixed this to the extent of our ability and the google review should be completed in the next few days to remove the red page.  Please know that there is nothing to worry about now, and you will NOT get a virus or anything like that from using our site.  Please let us know if you experience otherwise ASAP.

If you have a wordpress powered site, we recommend that you update manually using the files on the wordpress site, and verify your theme’s index files are free of weird looking code. If you are using any plugins by authors NOT verified by, you may also want to deactivate them (we found particular issues with the simple facebook connect plugins)