Site Updates Plus How to Get Prints

There has been a lot going on in AvesNoirLand! We have updated the site here and there to make it run a little smoother for those of you on hand-helds, and have launched our full Facebook portlet. The portlet gives you a sneak peek at featured content monthly and gives you an easy way to access several key features here at that you would otherwise miss if you just read our wall.

We also received a question regarding how to purchase prints of the many wonderful artists and photographers we feature. In most cases, the post will link to the artist’s site or a gallery where you can inquire about purchases, but in cases like the Japanese woodblocks, it is a bit more difficult. Many of the images are considered commons due to age, so you may find reproductions somewhere, but many of the original wood blocks are owned by collectors or galleries such as the Ukiyou-e Gallery featured in our Japanese art post.

I did, however, track down a few japanese prints for sale here

…and here

You can also check out Etsy for many items created using some of the more popular designs.  I will keep looking, and will post an update on the Japanese art collection if I find anything!