Rachel Rolseth’s Ravens

Rachel Rolseth was raised in suburban Minnesota, USA, and now lives in Minneapolis, where Ravens are a common sight among the remaining Elm treetops, and crows take over the parks en-masse.

“Painting is my passion, my therapy and sometimes my soapbox. Mostly though, painting is a way for me to exaggerate the beauty that already exists in the world and to share that vision with others. It is no wonder that I paint mostly women, birds and flowers, which I find to be three of the most magnificent and beautiful things in existence.

I like to use acrylic paint and bright, saturated colors. My paintings are usually made in many different layers, beginning with a base layer that can be seen through the holes in other layers.”

Her prolific Crow and Raven works can be viewed and followed on her blog or website. Selected works will also be available at the Maple Grove Art Fair on September 18th and 19th, so if you are in or near the Twin Cities, be sure to stop by!

To purchase any of Rachel’s lovely art online, visit her Etsy Shop. (We have featured her items on our Etsy Under 30$ wall as well!)

James Vance – Dior

Over the years, James Vance has worked as a window dresser, set designer, prop stylist, muralist, graphic artist, event designer, art director, interior designer, gallery director, and just about every job that has now become a reality show on Bravo.  Lately, he spends his time creating works for Bergdorf Goodman such as this gigantic crow holding court in the Dior window at the 2005 trunk show…..stunning!

Ben Hassett

Source: German Vogue

Ben is a photographer and filmmaker who lives and works between NYC and Europe. His life and work have been profiled in The British Journal of Photography and Playboy.

A regular contributor to Vogue magazines worldwide, including French, German and Japanese, he is best known for his striking and sometimes disturbing images of beauty.

Each photograph mimics the sharp intellect, form, and macabre sense of the corvid eye, making Hassett one to adore.

Source: Vogue Paris