When I See an Elephant Fly…

One of my fondest memories as a little girl was reading any one of my Little Golden Books to my stuffed animal audience, with my favorite being Dumbo. As I grew up, it evolved into me sitting alone in my aunt’s cozy living room watching Disney’s Dumbo. I must have seen it a hundred times, and it is the only one that, to this day, I could still probably recite.

The story was one of overcoming the odds and accepting oneself. These were concepts I greatly identified with as a white girl growing up in consistently ethnic surroundings.  The crows in the movie held a special attraction for me as they proved to be Dumbo’s saviors. They gave him the magic feather (faith) which granted him the confidence to lift himself out of his despair, even after raucously mocking his presence in their tree after a night of drunken excess.

Whether its been awhile, or you’ve never seen the film, take a moment and revisit the joyous highlight of the crow posse singing to Dumbo and Timothy the mouse: