The Raven Diaries

Rick and Diana Boufford are a grassroots on fire for live couple who dedicate large amounts of their time to documenting Ravens  in Utah, Catalina, and more. Their love for all things living is portrayed through the relationships and lives of ravens and all the different kinds of animals we share territory with.  They are currently hard at work on their debut documentary film The Raven Diaries, which you can preview below.

Check out more at The Raven Diaries website

Lazy Sunday Video

From our favorite japanese crow, we present:

Crow Chef

…and when he’s not busy cooking, cleaning, and being adorable, he is trying out to be the greatest heavy metal singer to have ever lived!

And finally, in case the first three weren’t cute enough, here is crow as a young bird being fed.  Strange how much he sounds like a penguin!