The Electrical Avian Mercenary

Ryan Abegglen is clever, talented, but most of all hilarious. His sharp design hits on the subtle nuances in our animal friends that can be the most unpleasant and makes them adorable.  If you survived Monday of this week, we hope this makes your Tuesday that much better.

“It’s generally believed that I began speaking in complete sentences when I was only seven minutes old, immediately demonstrating a mastery of complex sentence structure and an affinity for whiskey, humility, and irony. Since that time I have become a skilled dinosaur jockey, traveled to the moon on several occasions and written a handful of self-help books. My work is largely cobbled together from a collection of cat fur, spit, twigs, pizza, hamster farts, and fever dreams. As always, my promise to you is that I’ll try harder next time.”

We appreciate him making Cecil nearly bullet-proof.  Many of his crow brothers would love to have the same super power!