Raven Art of Michael Pape

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and self-taught, Michael Pape finds many beautiful things such as animals and nature that inspire his paintings. Always fascinated by realistic painting styles, Michael’s ability to portray dramatic realism in his paintings takes the viewer to a place where they would like to go, but normally cannot. In trying to capture this realism, each painting’s execution can take months, or even more than a year, to finish in either acrylic or a combination of mediums.

As a result, the demand for his original artwork far exceeds his ability to create.

Michael is committed to the conservation of the animals and places he paints through his art.

He has raised much needed funds by contributing artwork, as well as pledging 5% of all sales of selected limited edition prints, such as “Solitary Watch – Snow Leopard” and “Ghost of a Chance – Snow Leopard”, to the Snow Leopard Trust. Also 5% of all sales of his limited edition print “A Perfect World – Amur leopard” (the most critically endangered cat in the world) goes to the Amur leopard Conservation Program.

Michael has volunteered in the past at animal rehab organizations such as Wildcare in Ontario, Canada who rehabilitate wild animals. Michael has also raised funds for the Canadian Endangered Species Fund of Canada as well as Ducks Unlimited Canada through the sales of his limited edition prints.

My hope is to connect with you, the viewer, through my paintings, to bring awareness of the beauty and significance of animals and the natural environment in which they live, thus enriching your life with meaning and purpose. – Michael

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