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When we first started this blog in 2010, we never imagined it would go on to receive millions of views, thousands of comments and scores of citations.  With the rapid growth of internet innovation and niche communities, it is easier than ever to find information about corvids and those who love and study them.  While Avesnoir is no longer updated, we decided to erect this archive of our most loved content as a loving digital monument to our feathered friends. 

About Aves Noir

Aves Noir is an exploration and celebration of all things inspired by that one most clever,  mysterious, and intriguing of the Feathered Realm – the Corvid.  It was started in 2007 as part of a university project between two friends, a writer and a naturalist and has survived many iterations and culminations. 

Across vast matters of subjects these creatures – from Nutcrackers to Ravens – appear, and at the heart of our love for them nests a common culture appreciating the intellectual, macabre, and somber.

While much of our content has since been archived, we wished to leave the lore, literature and stories intact. In the center of each piece is a scientific passion for birds that we hope connects like minded connoisseurs to shared interests in the arts, film, dance, couture, and  written and entices literary evolution in our readers and encourages you to see crows in a new way.

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Looking for an old article that has been archived? It is probably in one of these:

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I’ve archived some of the popular image collections here:

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